Page 4 - Postcards from the Past—Then & Now Pictures of Dunn County, Wisconsin
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POSTCARDS FROM THE PAST — Dunn CountyGreetings,For the past four years I’ve been shooting then/now pictures of Menomonie and the surrounding area. Fifty of those then/now pairs of images were published in 2015 in “Postcards from the Past: Then and Now Pictures of Menomonie, Wisconsin.”My search for additional postcards that could be rephotographed has been ongoing, and has resulted in many additional and interesting scenes.While gathering original images for this book, I came across a number of postcards from other communities near and around Menomonie, so I expanded my focus to include them, as well.My goal when taking the pictures for this series is to recreate the scene exactly as the original photographer would have seen it if, without moving a step, he was suddenly transported through time to the present. Sometimes this is fairly easy. Other times I find myself struggling to locate a vantage point that no longer exists or I discover that the view is now completely blocked by trees and vegetation.I think you will enjoy this second trip back in time. I certainly have been having fun researching and shooting these pictures. A big thank you to the many folks who’ve helped me find the correct location for the various pictures, especially where none of the original landmarks still ex- ist. Thank you, too, to those who have shared their postcards and mem- ories with me. This has become a community project.—David Tank1Chris. N. Krogstad, Menomonie, Wis. circa 1905

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